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  Features of ALCOPLA :  
Flexibility & Versatility :
ALCOPLA® can be easily fabricated (i.e. cut, bent, curved, drilled, grooved, punched, an d shaped) using common wood and metalworking tools to suit specific design requirements.
ALCOPLA® can be designed for large or small modules, flat or curved surfaces in a variety of colors, joint types, shapes and sight lines.
ALCOPLA® will maintain its original flatness after fabrication, which allows architects greater flexibility and confidence to push design parameters.
Safety & Durability :
ALCOPLA® is one of the most thoroughly tested and recognized materials in the building industry. It meets or exceeds the performance requirements of various model building codes and primary standards worldwide.
The surface finish coatings of ALCOPLA® retain color consistency and the ability to perform in aggressive environments consisting of urban grime, acid rain and salt pray.
Cleaning & Maintenance :
ALCOPLA® can be easily cleaned with water and a sponge or a soft bristled brush and a mild detergent solution, which will restore the panel to its original appearance. The cleaning frequency will depend on the location, and environmental conditions. We recommend cleaning once or twice a year.
do not attempt to polish the surface of ALCOPLA® with acid, alkali or abrasive solutions. In order to avoid damaging and scratching the surface coating, rinse sponges and brushes regularly while cleaning. It is also advisable to test your cleaning solution on a small area of panel before commencing.
Affordability :
Owners, architects, specifiers and construction consultants found that ALCOPLA® best meets life cycle costing requirements for cladding materials.
Thus, ALCOPLA® is best suited to give you the combination of aesthetic architectural requirements as well as a distinct economical advantage over other architectural cladding systems.
Recyclable :
Preserving our worldwide environment from the effects of contamination is imperative. ALCOPLA® is a product composed of recyclable material, and is environmentally friendly.  





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