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XXENTRIA TECHNOLOGY – Spirit of Innovation

After 25 years in business, Xxentria knows how to weather life’s occasional storms and has gained a hard-earned reputation for its reliability and practical approach to unforeseen challenges. From the very outset, it has taken on full responsibility for every aspect of its operations, from research and development to both production and finance. At the same time, it has never lost its sense of adventure or its spirit of innovation, and is constantly looking for new opportunities.

This combination of courage and consistency, along with its streamlined communication system that means it can react quickly to any problems, has helped Xxentria to build long-term relationships with its customers and to develop new products based on their needs.

Because we work very closely with our customers and can react quickly, we deliver great customer service as well as strong R&D support,” says CEO Howard Cheng. “We are a very reliable partner that not only provides great products but also total solutions.”

Not content with the status quo, Xxentria is always looking to improve its range of products and to increase their environmental sustainability. The development of its G-BOND galvanized steel composite materials for semitrailer body is a case in point. Already valued by its customers for its lightweight and impact resistance, this has recently been supplemented by the development of the A-BOND high tensile aluminum composite materials, which offer a 50% reduction in weight compared with the conventional trailer body, thereby decreasing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Beyond the product itself, Xxentria has utilized recycled plastics to reduce costs and more importantly, to contribute to environmental protection, in line with its motto “Low Waste. High Efficiency.”

“With streamlined production from raw materials to finished products,” the CEO says, “we know how to turn these materials into useful products for our customers and minimize the impact on the environment.”

In response to advances in technology, Xxentria has also broken away from the traditional manufacturing industry concept and its focus is no longer only on equipment optimization. Today, it has implemented several large-scale robots and has widely utilized various types of sensor system, which will help it collect data and build databases so that the company can establish its own manufacturing execution system (MES) and supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA). Nor is the team’s focus confined to the field of engineering; it has now begun to combine marketing and financial analysis with loop computing to achieve the most efficient and accurate equipment development and process optimization.

Today, Xxentria has achieved 60% market share in the U.S. while G-BOND sales are increasing in both Europe and China. The company is looking forward to more people using such energy-saving products to protect the environment. In 2016, the Chinese government issued new vehicle regulations to create a safer and more efficient transportation environment, which could require as many as 1.5 million semitrailer trucks to be replaced. Xxentria is committed to supporting this booming market to implement the new regulations in the most appropriate way, and to work with Shenzhen-based China International Marine Containers and other major trailer suppliers to open up the Chinese market.

In addition to materials for semitrailer bodies, Xxentria has established a multifunctional physical vapor deposition (PVD) production line through a joint venture with Alanod , a global leader in high reflective surface-finished aluminum. Xxentria believes that through this innovative technology, it can develop more energy-efficient products that can be used in the solar, lighting, and architecture industries not only to save but also to create energy.

With its solid business foundation and continual spirit of innovation, Xxentria expects continuous improvement and will remain a reliable partner to both its customers and investors. Xxentria also takes care of its employees while ensuring the interests of shareholders, and continues to protect the earth's environment.

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