Xxentria is committed to helping develop a sustainable future through continuous innovation. Since its establishment in 1994, Xxentria continues to fulfill its corporate social responsibility through environmental protection, sponsoring cultural heritage and arts, education advancement and charitable contributions.


Xxentria is committed to environmental protection from its internal processes to where it sources its raw materials. Xxentria utilizes nearly 30,000 tons of recycled plastic as a core component in its products. In addition, wastewater is fully reused in production and waste gas is purified before emitted. More recently, Xxentria has developed materials used in the renewable energy sector. Furthermore, Xxentria works to improve its local surroundings by participating in reforestation efforts in Taiwan, planting over 150,000 new trees in the next decade. Xxentria recognizes its own footprint on the environment and works to balance its obligation to reduce its impact.


Xxentria believes that a complete education should provide diverse lessons based a wide variety of subjects. While traditional academics are necessary as a basis of learning, Xxentria believes education is more than good grades in math and science. For over a decade, Xxentria provided funding for students at its local schools in Tainan, Taiwan to continue their education through interests such as, traditional Taiwanese and Chinese music, baseball, dance, and more. Xxentria continues to expand opportunities for students to explore areas outside the traditional academic areas of learning.


With the development of technology and increased globalization, Taiwan’s new generation has gradually distanced itself from traditional Taiwanese culture. Xxentria continues to play an integral role in its community by sponsoring government traditional and cultural arts. Each year, Xxentria invites performance artist to its community so that its employees and community in Tainan, Taiwan have opportunity to enjoy its beautiful and long-standing culture.


Xxentria witnesses the gradual deterioration of people in its own community in Taiwan. As communities grow and younger generations become more mobile, families become more alienated. Xxentria understands these issues and provides funding to charitable foundations with the mission of caring for the economically disadvantaged and elders who live alone. Xxentria will always give its hands and help overcome the obstacles in its community.